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TEAM NAME: Frontier
Date Joined: 10/26/13
Current Funds: 5st


Pokemon Species: Riolu
Nature and Characteristic: Brave/Good endurance
Gender: Male             Age: 16
Ability: Inner Focus

Strength: 5        Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3    Charisma: 1

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Strength+2

Bullet Punch
Focus Blast

Accessory 1: None

Accessory 2: None

Accessory 3: None

Pokemon Species: Snivy
Nature and Characteristic: Calm/Quick to flee
Gender: Female          Age: 15
Ability: Overgrow

Strength: 1         Agility: 4
Intelligence: 3     Charisma: 4

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Charisma+2

Vine Whip
Sweet Scent
Calm Mind

Accessory 1: None

Accessory 2: None

Accessory 3: None

========== WRITTEN TEST ===========

It was a beautiful day in Andalusst City, and it seemed like everyone was taking advantage of it, as crowds bustled around Roger and Jane, and vendors peddled this and that. Roger couldn't help but take in the surroundings, becoming briefly lost in thought.

"Hey! Snap out of it, idiot! Don't you go daydreaming in the middle of the street; you might bump into someone!"

Roger snapped back into focus, and found himself right next to his partner's glaring face.

"H-huh? Aw don't be mad! Nobody's going on are path at the moment. Besides what idiot would collide into me?"

It was only a few moments later when he crashed, and Jane did not hesitate to scold him.

"See? This is what I was talking about! But did you listen? Nooooo!"

Roger ignored her, and instead jumped to his feet, searching for the passerby that ran into him. He than noticed that it was a Furret, who seemed to be blind, as his eyes where very light. But that didn't stop those eyes to show irritation and fury.

"Watch it! Why, I oughta toss ya into the street for that!"

Roger responded with instinctive force; he raised his fists and prepared to defend himself.

"Yeah? How about I throw you first?!" he retorted.

Jane struggled to restrain him.

"Hey, settle down! Can't we just settle this like civilized people?"

No sooner did she say this when the Furret raised his arms in mock surrender.

"Heh, just joshin’ ya. Only uptight nerds fight over bumpin’ into each other. I like your style, though. You new around here? I’m guessin’... stepped outta the fog and got all confused? How close am I?"

Roger lowered his fists, as the Furret seemed harmless enougth. Jane breathed out in relief.

"Great! Now that that's settled, I think my partner and I should leave now." But as they left, Jane noticed that the Furret was still following them; more adept in walking then she thought he was, looking at his eyes.

"Erm, excuse me?" she said to the Furret, "If I may ask, what happened to your eyes? In all honesty it made me think you were blind!" The Furret responded with a grunt.

"Oh yeah? Think I’ve heard that one before… maybe not, though. My memory’s all fuzzy after ya scrambled my brain a few seconds ago. Anyway… name’s Cuffin. Pleased to meetcha! Now, how ‘bout you tell me who ya are?"

He looked like he wouldn't leave without an answer, so Jane decided she might as well humour him.

"Well, my name is Jane, and this is Roger." she replied, shaking Roger meaningfully, as well as to wake him up, as he was slowly dowsing off.

"Zzz... snort! Eh? Oh yeah! That's me!" Cuffin just gazed at him in amusement.

"Not bad, not bad. I wouldn’t name my kids that… but hey, it’s a free world. So, you guys lookin’ into the guilds here? They look pretty desperate for newbies. Think you’d wanna join one of ‘em?"

He was still following them, even though he seemed to actually have bad eyesight, and Jane was losing patience with him, as well as hoping that Roger wasn't getting irritated either. Still, she respected him for his pushing behaviour. It almost reminded her of herself.

"Well, Roger and I was considering joining the explorers." she said.

"Really? I wouldn’ta pinned ya for that type. I guess they’d be glad to have ya, though. From what I know, they always want ya to have some kinda “team name” to work under ‘em with. What do ya think yours would be?"

This time Roger joined in, seeing as it was about something he liked.

"I proposed Team Frontier, named after the fact that I always want to explore the unknown." he said with a grin. Cuffin grinned back.

"Well, ain’t heard that one before. You might not wanna walk into the rough parts of town callin’ yourself that… eh, or maybe do it anyway if you can handle yourself. I mean, no doubt you can probably throw a punch, or maybe you’ve got a silver tongue. The guilds look for stuff like that. How ‘bout you tell me what ya think your strengths are, just to get your story straight for when they wanna know?"

He seemed serious now, so Jane relented to his question.

"Well.. I'm pretty good with words, so I think I can do some negotiating if they experience any problems..." Roger laughed.

"That's an understatement! She always gets me out of trouble when I can't handle something. Seriously! If the explorers hire her, that's the best choice they ever made!"

Jane looked at Roger gratefully.

"I wouldn't say I was that good, but I'd say I'm decent! I'm also pretty fast, though it's usually because I'm running away..." she looked down embarrassed. Luckily, Roger came to her aid.

"...But she only does that so I can pound the adversary!" He made a show with his fists for emphasis.

"I've climbed many, many cliffs, so I'm fairly strong, and I'm hoping I can help the explorers with my strength!" Roger carried on punching the air for a moment, then he hesitated.

"...Just don't bring me to any meetings, I just don't have the brainpower. Luckily I have Jane here to do that!" he then gave Jane a pat on the back, making her wince.

"And I'm pretty weak." Jane added, rubbing her back, "But combined, I'd say we make a pretty good combo." She smiled at Roger, who nodded back. Cuffin had watched all this in silence, and now he spoke:

“Yeah… yeah, I can respect that. Everybody’s gotta get by in their own way, and there ain’t nobody who knows that better than me. If you play on your strengths, you’ll get far here, I bet.”

That was surprisingly sentimental. Jane thought, but before she could say anything, the Furret turned to leave.

“I hate to deprive ya of my presence, but I’ve gotta bounce. I’m sure you’ll see me again, so don’t sweat it. I’m sure the guild’ll love to have ya.”

They could only stare and watch the sleek Furret, as he gave them one last smile, and bounded off, narrowly missing collisions with others by an inch. They were both quiet, then Roger spoke cheerfully:

"Well now that he's out of our hair, why don't we carry on to the guild?"

Jane nodded, still grateful that he made her sound more helpful than she thought she was to Cuffin. She had never thought of herself as great, always relying on Roger to save her, but when Roger spoke about her, she realized that maybe, just maybe... Roger needed her as well. This gave her a warm, giddy feeling inside her, which surprised her. Could it be that...?

No. She thought to herself, Not yet. And with that, she followed Roger, feeling lighter and lighter, with every step she took.

EDIT: Now have the bios.

This is my app for PMD Unity. I joined this for the fact that I loved PMD-E, but it was too far in the series when I joined deviantart. Now, I can start fresh! Also, get ready for the Shadow Saga, a PMD trilogy I'll be writing on fanfiction. As for those who know what I'm talking about... Yes, I know, FINALLY!

Rogers's bio: He's a hot-headed guy, who prefers using his strength rather than his mouth, probably because he sucks at compromises and always strives to be the victor. But what he lacks for in smarts, he more than makes up for in power, and is a trusty person to have at your side in combat. But there are times where he is reckless, and maybe to loyal, and thus finds himself in a fight he can't win, and must rely on someone else to do it, which is something he has difficulty dealing with. Perhaps he needs someone in his life (like a certain Snivy) who can teach him something about humility, and the fact that there are things he is powerless to stop.

Jane's bio: She strives to always be level-headed, but in truth, she has quite a temper. But through many grueling hours of being taught on politeness, she can be relied on to stay cool in a heated moment, and can negotiate better than most politicians. But no matter what temper she has, she is in truth very timid, and often flees from any danger, and relying on neighboring heroes (or Roger) to solve the problem. She is often ashamed by this, and tries to take pointers on bravery from Roger, but no matter what she does, she always thinks of herself as a coward. She would do anything to have courage and strength, even something risky, she would do it. Even if it means her soul...
ColoredTalesStudios Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey~ Is it okay if I cameo your team in my story?
Novaquaza Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sure, just let me write their personalities and history first, so you can get more of an idea of what they are like.
ColoredTalesStudios Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Okey-doke~! I'll be sure to wait until you're finished writing!
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